8/8,9,10,11,13/2004                 AESTHETICS OF REGGAE Cross Roads to Being pages 11-17

            Reggae - message music is a dynamic force striking as lighting would, penetrating the fabric of its audience, cutting across politics, race, religion, and culture from its indigenous African roots, emerging from the revivalist movement, Zion and Pocomania; penetrating the North Pole, Pacific Islands, India - Iran, Afghanistan, China, Alaska, Japan. It is universal and fluid, modernizing various art forms and traditions thus propelling artists to infuse its idioms and phrasing into lyrics and creating a milieu of poetry, oral tradition, storytelling and music for television/films - The "Back Beat". "Nothing Rests: everything moves; everything vibrates." This contemporary masterpiece unfolded and developed from ska, rock steady; blending blues, Caribbean folk music, calypso and rock. The syncopating continues with jazz infusion, dub poetry, rap, ragga muffin style, rhythm and blues reggae, hip-hop style, DJ's Dance Hall style - not necessarily in the given order. The music has moved from previous instrumentation drum, bass, key boards where the guitar and bass are given room to operate, to drum machine, synthesizer, sequencers - to the digital technology and computers.

     Bob Marley's "Roots Rock Reggae Festival' was held at the Wolf Trap National Park for the performing arts on Sunday August 8, 2004 featuring "The Marley Brothers " Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Damien Jr. Gong, Ky-Mani, with guest artists Slightly Stoopid, Toots and the Maytals and MC and DJ, Stone Love. Joan and I attended the Festival occupying seats one and two in the orchestra, Section F close to the stage, utilizing designated senior citizens ticket prices which I embraced. DJ and MC Stone Love who is described as the champion of dance hall artists in Jamaica had the "stage" mixing music and demonstrated varied dance steps for the audience - lifting weights, rain drops, which was quite a feat. The band Slightly Stoopid which is based in Southern California had great stage presence, but the lyrics got lost in the sound which was overpowering. Both guitarists were very good vocalists - having range and dexterity. They performed, Hip-Hop and dance hall styling, R & B Reggae, heavy metal and what got my attention was "Bam Bam" Rhythm - white boys staying in line with the New Orleans "second line" or the Bo Diddley beat which is popular in Blues and Rock "N" Roll. More Power to them because the language of music is universal; it has nothing to do with ethnicity. You dig the complexity! That is why I am writing.

     Then there was Toots and the Maytals and if my memory holds the term "Reggay" was coined by Toots (Frederick Hibbert) in 1968. His stage presence was invigorating and overwhelming. Commanding his audience with what I call roots Reggae, the audience was transfixed by revivalism, pocomania and Zion styling (gospel styling) -clapping, swaying, singing, jumping and tapping their feet to renditions such as "Reggae got soul", "Never go Home," "Bam Bam"' "Sweet and Dandy", "Who you are", "Country Road," "True love is hard to find." Toots's lyrics perfected the "Back Beat" which caused me to reflect on Allen Toussaint and Fats Domino, New Orleans rhythm and blues geniuses. Joan throughout his performance was "transfixed in motion"---Shango style. I interjected and reminded her that, that was the revivalist ---of which she is familar through her research "African Religion in the Caribbean Novel.."  

Music is a useful and powerful vehicle for communicating spiritualism and traditions of a people and "Toots " did just that with the audience; he  brought out these phenomena within them --- the complexity of "Life Forces " "Bam Bam " rhythm. The forerunner spoke humbly and his musical messages created a "way" for the Marley Brothers to accentuate. He reminded his audience that he used to open for their father Bob Marley. This was a perfect and natural progression. The brothers illustrated all aspects of the contemporary language of the reggae culture with lyrical substance from roots reggae, jazz infusion, rap/hip-hop style, DJ's Dance Hall style, with no blatant commercial overtone, thus continuing the spiritual vision of their father. They create their own foot prints and preserve his as the metamorphosis and fusion continues. They were well rehearsed and disciplined with evenness and purpose on stage, not dominating each other. The stage was well shared. How symbolic and humble as they paid tribute by performing some of their legendary father's songs: "Roots Rock Reggae," "Kaya", "Natty Dread", "Exodus" and others. Each one of the brothers could have held the spot light on his own, but they understood that the mission and message woven in reggae will surpass them because it is more than dedicated artistic monuments.

      Jimmy Cliff (James Chambers) who received the Jamaican Order of Merit in November 2003 understood that. He continues to forge his imprint universally as the "Reggae's world Ambassador". He proposes to conquer the world. I attended his performance on Thursday 12, 2004 at the Funk Box in Baltimore, an intimate unique bar setting - set on two floors with a picturesque dome look balcony enabling the audience to be within a heartbeat from the artists - what ambience ! Jimmy Cliff's performance was magical. He not only electrified but energized the audience with such precision in movement as he demonstrated professionalism and timing - singing note for note with such lyrical clarity as if he were in a studio with perfect range and versatility - blending soul, rock, pop, rap, DJ's Dance Hall styling , thus illuminating the foundation of reggae.

The band and vocalists that accompanied him were equally perfect attenuating and responding to his every move, using seemingly choreographed hand movements. Cliff, living up to his desired goal to "conquer the world with his talent" continued to raise the ceiling regurgitating endless hits with words of a Rasta Man, tracks from his albums "Black Magic, Fantastic, Plastic People, Over the Border, Unlimited and classics "You can get it if you really want," sitting in Limbo, Many Rivers to Cross, and sound track "The harder they come. The ingenious Jimmy closed off the evening with "only drums" an indigenous perspective saluting "all" and the ancestors. What a tribute!

     Reggae is self-empowering. It brings and gives new meaning to "sound" and has already forged and stimulated a literary tradition which is the aesthetics of reggae. We must continue to salute our ancestors for their resilience - holding on to rhythms (riddims) as the now generations continues to explore the galaxy of the "soul" "Bam Bam" Rhythm.

      Thanks for initiating "The Me" in "Me".


Arnold P. Bathersfield




IS THE CONDITION PERMANENT? Jah Rhythm "The All" pages 54-58

                    How can one embrace a festival such as carnival?  Is it designed for an arena where its masqueraders, participants, and viewers are transported to the scene of the event and then choreographed for the tube via satellite or other transmittal networks?  Should its base be on the streets where all can satisfy their artistic appetite and embrace this dynamic world of movement and flux? I am postulating the latter as a world view which embraces the "ritual masks" of individualism, which can be classified as tranquil but mobile and active or even aggressive, which subjectively or objectively is the essence of carnival.  The uninhabited, demanding, powerful presence of the masquerade fosters disharmony thus creating conflict between social beings and the inner personalities to free up or create a new spirit of individual freedom.  A DECAYING OF SELF.  Hence according to Chinua Achebe, "You do not stand in one place to watch a masquerade, you must imitate its motion. The kinetic energy of the masquerade's art is thus instantly transmitted to a whole arena of spectators."

                   Is it process in motion in view of the world or is the condition permanent? I was in Miami on October 10-12, 2003 to view the carnival of which there were two-Broward Carnival, Fort Lauderdale Stadium Fair Grounds and Homestead Miami Speedway.  I attended the latter.  The scenery was breath taking, the colors, the food, the costumes, the masqueraders-from terror to delight, the bands, DJs and the spectators representing the scope of the human experience-old to young.  The education has already taken a hold on the society: the integration of different cultures, creeds, and races.  People embracing each other dancing with or without "masks"-ritual dances par excellence displaying impressive motion and agility while keeping their feet planted, freeing up, and embracing the crossroads of culture.  Carnival is dialogue and the spirit of carnival can be used as a valuable tool in race relations to counter racism and create a mental revolution in the society, opening transformation.

                   How does one compete in carnival? How does one judge a band-king/queen? What is the criterion? Are there cronyism, tribalism and racism? I do not know, so I am asking.  Carnival has become structured with defined leadership, which adds a tone of rigidness to free expression, a form of liberation-freedom free-up a death and a resurrection, a fundamental psychological transformation.  Does the stick fighter have a role? Anyway you look at it, the carnival continues to evolve and its spirit is universal.

                   At Homestead I noticed that the defined food/business courts were bustling with conch salad, fry bake to salsa, reggae, calypso and Zouk echoes of the islands... The bathroom facilities could not accommodate the crowd.  One lady placed a towel over her nostrils to enter the ladies' toilet; she could not enter, but I embraced the opportunity.  I had to go... Gender was not applicable.  Can what you smell kill?

                   Byron Lee and the Dragonaires were timely.  They summarized the evening.

                   One of the other structured events I attended was the University of the West Indies and Angostura sponsored fete--$60 and all you could eat West Indian style. What a treat for most of the tagged and stamped crowd.  The bandstand had an array of performances.  Machel Montano had a brief stint, but David Rudder demonstrated the art and culture of poetry at its best.

                   The band Roy Cape demonstrated its talent and artistry while the talented base guitarist basked in the spotlight with precision dance steps.  What a spectacle!  The band also provided excellent support for guests and local artists.

                             The crowd was enormous and I must acknowledge Roger, Moses, Selwyn, Ann, Umilta, Nada, Elfie, Ruby, Tai-Sue-Loevng-Tat, Amzad and Leroy, San Fernando and Mamie's People's Carnival King who allegedly placed third in the King competition on Saturday 11, 2003 for portraying a deep sea "Jelly Fish."  What conceptualization, creativity and artistry as he demonstrated in choreographic dance steps the jelly fish in its habitat feeding as he exploded on stage.  What formatted precision! You could not see any part of his body-a true masquerader.  This magnificent performance completed the picture of this memorable carnival experience.  The following is a poetic expression that demonstrates the embodiment of carnival.

                                      Ah We Thing!

                   The carnival (carne-vale)

                   An Afrikan thing, a universal festival

          Emerges in any modern society from the "Nile Valley" to the

                   streets of Miami...

A true festival that transforms the "being"

Before the fast...

A ritual celebration of spiritual offerings of thanksgiving...good/evil-good will

The common good...

You must and have to prepare for "the carnival"...

Initiation...traditional feast...


Free up the spirits

Free up the minds

Liberate bodies...water/blood-life/death...

Sacrifice self, sacrifice-purging...

"The carnival" is unrehearsed, but choreographed...

"The carnival" is power... it is pure and natural-no demons...

You embrace "the carnival"

It emerges...

It is generates and creates solidarity...

Oneness of purpose..

Movement with rhyme and rhythm through varied vibrational and non-vibrational instruments

"Beings" sounds-songs-the drum, the drum, the drum


Instruments...claves, bottle, spoon, iron, cuatro,

Mandolins, guitar, violin, bamboo, maracas, DJ's, pan, flute,


You cannot sell "the carnival"...

You define "the carnival"...

It is jouvert

It is "bacchanal"

It is Kermite

It is Afrikan

It is universal

It is literary...high extraordinary...prodigious,

Artisanship, clamorous, exquisite, intense, stately...

Splendid, visual, gallant...spirited...yes, spirited.

You dig: spirited.

          Afrikan incarnate...

          Afrikan incarnate...

          Ah we thing!

          Afrikan incarnate...

          It is universal...

          Ah we thing!


Arnold P. Bathersfield           10/18/03 Read: JAH RHYTHM "THE ALL" pages 54-58


                                SUBLIMINAL VOICE OF "THE MASQUERADER"  ZERO pages 71 - 73


                Leroy Prieto's photogenic posture commands attention, whenever he enters a

room or strides the streets or corridors. His magnetic stately charismatic personality precedes

him. He is independent and self disciplined. No task is too big for him to perform because he

understands the patriarchal and matriarchal systems and the problems woven in the former.

                               He is a good conversationalist and understands the divisive nature of competition

and his role of fostering harmony while creating  and forging a way to perfect the form that he

loves----"being a masquerader".  His ascendancy to national prominence as a bicyclist and a

masquerader never altered his ego, as he continues to remain  humble and ready to explain his

craft and techniques, even to his competitors.  He is never detracted.  He perpetuates a team

concept-knowing when to assert himself and always giving credit to his team, wherever he

resides. His domain is set in the elevation and uplift of all, particularly the community and

children, whom he refers to as his "fans".

                In Mon Repos and, in particular, Dos Santos Street, he is known for his wood

carvings, design of children's toys, a keen sense of humor and a revere dancer and a lover of

music. Masquerading to Leroy is reverberating, creative, crafty, objective, inventive, artistic,

power, balanced, fluidity, poise, color, dexterity and love/hate. He, "the masquerader", must

encompass all "beings"; everything and anything is within his scope and grasp, which he

embodies and, therefore, assumes the depicted  character/characters -role/roles.

                Within his view, he sees masquerading as a pictorial portrayal of art on the move-

"No Wheels".  It Must be built using the body as the anchor, an instrument of support and the

masquerader  submerges /emerges with the scope of what is depicted- "carrying it"-and the

musical steps must evolve --- choreograph as the elusive masquerader takes "flight"---flows,

and moves graciously, vibrating in "one" in character, which is representative of a true

masquerader-creativity and artistry-wearing or carrying his  "mas" while flouncing with it -

"no mumbo jumbo" or "sour grapes".  Masquerading is an art, and one must preserve it ---as

he continues to forge ahead.

                 I once submitted that masquerading involves the dynamic universe of movement

and fluidity, and must be based on the streets, where the masqueraders can display their

artistic ingenuiy of total freedom from "self" ---.

                Listing of accomplishments precludes one from asserting Leroy's humanistic

characteristics.  He is meticulous, ingenuous, trustworthy and a devoted father and family

man, who serves the interest of the "common good". Leroy Prieto continues to demonstrate

and transmit the kinetic energy of the form ---"the masquerader " which permeates one's

being.The  "peoples king" whether he places or not -Miami, Texas, Orlando, Atlanta,

WashingtonD.C., Germany, Dimanche Gras  in Port Of Spain, Marabella, or San Fernando.

Engage "the masquerader" and he will fill you in with all his accomplishments. And I am also

asking! Who can judge a masquerader?  "The Mask".  Can there be objectivity ?

                 This poetic gesture will further solidify the nature of the festival which "the

masquerader" excels  and invokes the persona.

                                                        AH WE THING!

                                  The carnival (carne-vale)

                                   An Afrikan thing - a universal festival

                                   Emerges in any modern society from the "Nile Valley" to the streets of

                                   the world .........

                                   A true festival that transforms the "being" ---

                                   Before the fast .....

                                  A ritual celebration of spiritual offerings of thanksgiving ----

                                   ----Good/Evil ----Good Evil----

                                   The common good........

                                   You must, and have to prepare for  "the carnival"....

                                    Initiation...traditional feast ....

                                    Feast ---offerings!

                                    Free up the spirits...

                                    Free up the minds..

                                    Liberate bodies....water/blood-life/death....

                                    Sacrifice ---self sacrifice --- purging .....

                                   "The carnival" is unrehearsed, but choreographed ....

                                    "The carnival" is divine ---sacred.....

                                    The carnival is is pure and natural -no demons...

                                    You embrace  "the carnival"

                                    It emerges .....

                                    It is assertive - it generates and creates solidarity ......oneness of

                                    purpose .....

                                   Movement with rhyme and rhythm through varied  vibrational  and

                                   non -vibrational .....instruments

                                   "Beings" sounds-songs-the drum-the drum - the drum -


                                   Instruments...claves, bottle, spoon, iron, cuatro, mandolins, guitar,

                                   violin, bamboo, maracas, DJ'S, pan, flute, masqueraders...mokojumbie...


                                  You cannot sell ‘the carnival".....

                                  You define "the carnival"....

                                  It is jouvert

                                  It is "bacchanal"

                                  It is Kemite

                                  It is Afrikan

                                 It is universal

                                  It is literary ---high extraordinary ...prodigious, artisanship, clamorous,

                                  exquisite, intense, stately----

                                  splendid, visual, gallant....spirited....yes spirited----

                                 You dig! Spirited!

                                 Afrikan  incarnate....

                                 African incarnate ....

                                 Ah! we thing!

                                 Afrikan incarnate....

                                 It is universal .....

                                 Ah we thing!

© Arnold Bathersfield  3/4-5/2008 Read: ZERO pages 71 - 73

© Ah we thing ---(2001) A Tribute to Wilfred Bathersfield- Pages 11 & 12 





                                CLEROMANCY - CASTING LOTS!  FOOT PRINTS OF THE SOUL pages 34 - 39


      Beyond Ferguson Missouri - Universally -Criminal Homicide -

      Coliseum furor - Garrison Mentality solidified - Corporativism!

      Wake up my people - wake up humanity - take a breath - breathe!

       Old story - nothing new! Subordination, subjugation, demonization,

       defamation - assassinations - banishments - occupied administrators -

       Can you relate - dysfunctional narrative continues! Universally -

       Civil Rights versus Human Rights! Civilization Crisis - Property!

       Hug the Light Afrikan - Melanin! Oh! Neuromelanin - Sea/Seas of

       Human Consciousness - "She" is upright inside "all" witnessing

       atrocities and our denial of "being" - "self"! Innate Spirituality -

       Insight, Hindsight, High Science, Clairvoyance! Black is essence/

       root - neuromelanin - all life is! Rhythm! Rhythm! Rhythm! Open the Eye -

       Pivoting continues - training manuals - lethal force magnified

       unabatedly! Examine global militarism - Proxy wars! A way of life -

       Law enforcement officers and private citizens continue to perpetuate

       summary justice against people of color - systemic! Federal and State

       violence - Public Policy! Voices of dissent muted by military force -

       "Violence is initiated by those who exploit, who fail to recognize others as

        persons ....." Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed, P.41

       Dred Scott v. Sandford Decision 1857 - wake up people - Wake up!

        Malicious intent - extrajudicial killings! Violence begets violence -

        Global perpetual Empire - Psycho neurotic! Phantom Judiciary System/

         Systems toxic - Racial Profiling - "jump out" - Zero Tolerance - inveterate liars   

        - "Testilying" agents of the state/states militarized "peace officers" -

         Land locked! Drum! Drum! Drum!

         Arbitrary Justice, Institutional Racism - Possibilities - White Privilege -

         White Supremacy - Garrison States "program 1033" - Garrison Planet!

          "Freedom is the fire which burns away illusion" James Baldwin - No

          Body Knows My Name P. 148.

                                  Struggle of Light and Dark - Light and Dark

          "I am fed up with Jim Crow laws, people who are cruel and afraid who

          lynch and run, who are scared of me and me of them" Langston Hughes

          -Selected Poems. P117.

          Our ancestors embraced truth in wisdom - the ocean continues to flow -

          Critical consciousness! Be apprised - Black Women are murdered and        

          assaulted also!

          "I walk and walk - then, when I close my mouth I taste the bitter world upon

          my tongue. Then, when I spit upon the grass - The smear is blood! Is black!           

   Is coal! Martin Carter - Selected Poems P. 53

   Struggle of Light and Dark - Light and Dark - Rhythm! Rhythm! Rhythm!

   How to eradicate system/systems and legacy of bigotry? Truth in reconciliation!          

   Oligarchs and Corporate slave masters are regurgitating - redemption -

   Ah! Redemption - The whistle resonates! Resonates! Reparation! Reparation!

      "Black visibility is not Black Power" - Marginalization!

        Let us educate each other, for the "uplift" of our people and humanity -


                Shackles - Break loose! Drum! Drum! Drum!

        The Conch Shell Blows - The Conch Shell Bellows -   

        Reparation is alive - alive! Reparation is alive - alive!

        Spirits are solidifying - feel the vibration - communicate, collaborate -

        Organize! Organize! Listen to people - Let the People speak and

        represent   themselves - females and males - young and elderly -

        No Mumbo Jumbo! Principled - "stream of consciousness" -

        Anger and hate destroys "being" - let us redirect and transform that energy -

        Hopefully this will stop "black on black killings" - and all wanton

        killings period! Breathe - take the Breath - all are consumed - history

        of self is paramount! Our ancestors were first on this planet - navigate

        self! African genesis - Life force - Light - in "All"!

        Let us "create" a state of transformation, renewal, building and uplifting

        the human spirit - Yes! Wisdom sweeping - be vigilant!

                         Struggle of Light and Dark - Light and Dark

      "devastating lack of historical preparation created Hitler, Stalin and

      Botha; what deranging transition formed the fate of Biko, or Patrice

      Lumumba for that matter." Chinua Achebe - Hopes and Impediments P. 28.     

      Drum! Drum! Drum! Are some Leaders conditioned to be "social agents"?

      So called "Black Leadership" muzzled, but youths across defined racial

      divide are vigilant and adamant "Hands up don't shoot" -

      Drum! Drum! Drum! Who manipulates consciousness? Social Agents -

      Corporate Media handcuffed, but social media - preserving foot prints!

      Yes! Sources of Enlightenment 21st century - Peoples Medium! Social

       Justice - Take the Breath - Breathe! Navigate the balance - Shackled Minds   

       - Break Loose - Cradle self - Metaphysically! Restorative justice -

Conga women and men are coming! Yes! Conga women and men are

Coming - sea/seas of Human consciousness sustained!

                          Naya women - Naya men!

Women are the first "Beings" - open the envelope - breathe, relax,

examine Patriarchy and re-instate matriarchy - critical thinking!

Be empowered -

Beyond Ferguson Missouri - Universally - Be Fully Human!

                          Drum! Drum! Drum!

Pacific Ocean - Northwest United States - Central United States -

Southwest United States - Southeast United States - Northeast United

States - Gulf of Mexico - Atlantic Ocean -

Bear Witness - Lift up Black Women they have the key for the Holistic

Liberation of the planet/planets! Lift them up they are the life forces -

Breathe - the Breath! Stay the course and learning will take place -


Rhythm! Rhythm! Rhythm! Revolution! Liberation! Drum! Drum!

Conga Women and Men are coming! Reparation is alive - alive!

            Who controls the Ozark Plateau and Poplar Bluff?

Stay up! My People - Stay Up! We are probing their conscience -

East, West, North, South, True north - True North - Wisdom eradicates

fear! They have corrupted their languages through the manipulation of history - "tragic guilt" -  

Is the planet an asylum of pain? Yes! An asylum of pain. Respect and

tolerance are sacred! The whistle resonates! Resonates!

Cleromancy - casting lots! Subordination, subjugation, demonization, defamation - assassinations - banishments - occupied administrators!

Lakes, valleys, slopes - Old Story - Nothing New! Reinforced Psychosis - Can you relate! Emperors, Empresses are Brutal.

"Through analysis of these cultural idiosyncrasies, we may understand the pivotal role played by the Indo-European mindset in maintaining

and perpetuating the Kali Yuga - or age of darkness" .....The greater

our awareness of all the dimensions of history, the greater our craving to act." Wayne B. Chandler, Ancient Future P.180.

                            Drum! Drum! Drum!

Pay homage to "all" who struggled and sacrificed for the dignity of "all"- the common good - truth in consciousness - named and unnamed

Mothers and Forefathers - Lift them up! The struggle for human worth

continues universally on all fronts!

The wind reverberates communicableness - liberation! Liberation!

Historicism grasped - the Djembe pulsating and vibrating -

  "With the establishment of a relationship of oppression, violence has

 already begun. Never in history has violence been initiated by the oppressed." How could they be the initiators, if they themselves are the result of violence?" Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed P. 41.

Kudos to Indigenous Indian Leader Tupac Amaru 11, who in 1781 revolted against Spanish rule in Peru -

Oh! Columbia - Columbia - Bogotá! Reflect on 1780 Mestizos

(mehs tee zohs) and Indians -

Spot lighter! Yes! Spotlighting concerted Creole People's and Leaders -

Francisco Miranda 1806 adventure to free all the Spanish Colonies -

Examine 1810! He died in Spain in 1816.

Simon Bolivar - "The Liberator" Revolutionary President of the Republic of Greater Colombia, which included what is today Venezuela,

              Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama.

              Jose de San Martin of Argentina aided the independence process in 1816.

              Drum beat reverberated - reverberation - Research! Analyze!

              Enduring San Martin and General Bernardo O'Higgins of Chile secured

              Chile independence in 1818 - Oh! Santiago - No more La Plata -

              Visionary creole Priest Miguel Hidalgo (hih dal goh) organized an

               army in 1810. He was captured in 1811 and executed. Oh! Mexico -

              Also,Progressive Priest Jose Morelos was captured and shot in 1815.

              Drum! Drum! The Conch Shell Blows - The Conch Shell Bellows -

              Then San Martin in concert with Bolivar in 1820 aided in the Liberation

              of Peru and Ecuador from Spanish rule ! Avoid Spontaneity - Organize!

              Ah! Haiti - Sango Ah! Sangoma - Revolutionaries!

              Toussaint L'Ouverture - "In overthrowing me, the French have only

              felled the tree of Black Liberty in Saint Domingue (Haiti). It will shoot

              up again for it is deeply rooted and its roots are many."

              Sango! Ah! Sangoma - JeanJacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe -

              Kudos to them - Dessalines declared independence January 1, 1804 -

              First in the Caribbean.

              Drum! Drum! Drum! The struggle for human worth continues on

              all fronts - Freedom is an art!

              Guerrilla! Guerilla! Rid the land from foemen. Root - But I can taste!

              Working on the plantations and in the mines!

              Brazil - Brazil blood trickles from the mountains - the drums roll -

              Lightning strikes crystallizing the blood of the mothers and the fathers

              mingled with earth, water and bleaching sun-

               Waves beat with a hue - Revolucion O Muerte! Revolution or death!

               Rivers and mangroves unite with penetrating fury - singing Revolucion

               O Muerte! Revolution or death! The hills give birth to volcanic activity -

               And intermittent surging wind empties its belly, with a jingling rumble -

                                                Take a stand! Universally -

               Are Negroes, Africans, Blacks, African Americans, Americans, Creoles

               Free? Are we free as humans universally?

               Social agents "confirm their oppressor's consciousness and behavior" -

              Knowing our Culture will enable us to know our Personality - Dance!

              Vibrate - Oscillate!   Rhythm! Rhythm! Rhythm!

              Ancestors are re-tooling within the whirl wind - to enhance our

              awareness, consciousness, and spiritual aspirations -

              The struggle of Light and Dark - Dark and Light!

              Capturing policy is the key - superior social, political and economic

               positions! Understand enlightenment ideas about Liberty!

                                             Stay the course -

                                             Cleromancy - casting lots!

              Old story - nothing new - Subordination, subjugation, demonization,

              defamation - assassinations - banishments- occupied administrators -

              Can you relate - dysfunctional narrative continues! Universally -

              Criminal Homicide - Garrison Mentality Solidified - Corporativism!


                            We have mastered all "Languages" - Globally!

               Cleromancy - casting lots! Beyond Ferguson Missouri - Universally!



               *Read: Bathersfield FOOT PRINTS OF THE SOUL pages 34 - 39.

               8/27/14 I AM WOUNDED pages 19-25

               © Arnold Bathersfield 2014